Hard Coil FAQs



Q.  How do I put Sidewinders in my daughter's hair?
A.  It's really quite easy.  Watch the short video below.  It'll make you a pro.  
Q.  Are 1" Sidewinders packaged on a straw?
A.  Yes!  We have had some customers purchase 1" Sidewinders who have called us thinking their Sidewinders are broken in two.  In fact, we package our 1" Sidewinders on a straw.  Simply remove the Sidewinders from the straw and discard the straw.
Q.  Can I mix two colors on one Sidewinder Hairholders?
A.  Please do.  You'll love the results.  See the moving photo below.
Q. When I purchase a Sidewinder, what is considered one piece? 
A.  One Sidewinder consists of two pieces intertwined together. See the moving photo below.
Q.   I like to color-coordinate my daughter's outfits.  How hard is it to switch out the colors?   
A.   Sidewinders are so versatile, you can change them out every day to match your daughter's outfits.  Unlike beads where you are stuck with one color for the entire time your daughter's hair is styled with them, with Sidewinders, you simply leave in the secured bead at the end of the hair, but unwind the Sidewinder out of the hair and replace it with another color.  
Q.   Are there hairstyles where only 1/2 of a Sidewinder can be used?
A.   You bet!!  See the photos below to see some examples:
Q.   Can Sidewinders be placed in the hair without use of a clear elastic band or bead at the end?
A.   It depends on the hairstyle and the thickness of your hair.  For instance, in the barrette style seen below, you may or may not need a clear elastic band at the end.  The thicker the hair, the less likely you will need to place a band at the end.
Q.  Should I place two 1" holders at the end of a braid or use one 2" Sidewinder?  
A.  You should always use the 2" Sidewinder rather than stacking two 1" Sidewinders for two reasons:  One, it looks much better and, two, stacking two 1" Sidewinders tends to make the holders fall out of the hair.
Q.   Is the inside diamter of a Sidewinder the same as beads?
A.   No.  The inside diameter of a Sidewinder is larger than a standard pony bead.  For best results, be sure to make your braids slightly larger than you would when using hair beads.